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SmartComGPS - MapViewGPS | Few tips and instructions guide

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The note for beginners: Before to install the application, make sure that you download a right version for your mobile phone. For each series of platform Symbian there are versions of programs SmartComGPS, SmartCOmNavigator and MapViewGPS. Here're Symbian phones:
Symbian cерия 60 (series 60)
- Nokia 3650, 3660, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 7610, 7650, N70, N71, N80, N90, N91, N92, E60, E61, Siemens SX1, Panasonic X700, X800, Samsung SGH-D720, D730
Symbian серия 80 (series 80) - Nokia 9300, 9500
Symbian серия 90 (series 90) - Nokia 7710
Symbian серия UIQ (series UIQ)
- SonyErricsson P800, P900, P910, P990, Motorolla A925, A1000, Benq P30
Accordingly programs should be under one of these series. And it doesn't matter what version of OS Symbian has your phone. (for example Symbian v7.0 or v8.1 - use same version of s\w).

Download MapViewGPS or SmartComGPS

If you need a navigation application for simple purposes or viewing maps without gps-receiver. Than better off to take MapViewGPS. Plus of Mapviewgps is that it's a freeware, minus is that the app has no much navigation features.
Here's a full version of MapView GPS version 2.52 (freeware)
  • MapViewGPS is not supported by software developer. We recommend to use SmartComGPS it's much more functional moving map application.

  • Here's a fully functional 15-day trial version gps navigation, mapping software for Symbian phonesSmartCom GPS
    Click here to download Smartcomgps and SmartcomNavigator

    To activate a trial version of SmartcomGPS, SmartcomNavigator in 15-day full function mode Click here

    SmartCom GPS - First start (installation)

    1. Copy a "SIS" file of the application on your phone or start it from a desktop computer (before connect a phone to the personal computer), choose where the program be installed in memory of phone or on a flash card, the installed app can work from phone's memory or SD-card without problems, (a minus for flash card - if you will change a SD-card for another, the application will not work in this case)
    2. In few seconds the application is installed and ready for use on your mobile phone.
    3. Turn on a Bluetooth on your phone and gps-receiver. After that start the SmartComGPS and go to the SmartComGPS main menu [Options]-> [GPS] -> [GPS device] -> [Select GPS device]. the app will search for available gps receiver, than select it from the list, after that step you don't need that menuitem anymore.
    Now you can try the application, and yet...

    Tip 1 - The application adjustment (tunning)

    1. When installed, SmartComGPS creates two directories one in memory of phone and another on a flash card. Recommended all navigation maps to copy into a SD card, to the folder created by the application (it can differ from version Symbian) usually this is disk:\Documents\SmartComGPS\Maps or disk:\Data\SmartComGPS\Maps for GPS maps in .MAP and .OGF2 format.
    2. That the application uses a directory from a SD card, make this: [Options]-> [Setting] -> [GPS module] -> in properties [ Main ] -> [Auto Save] set a "Memory card" and [Disk] set a "Memory card".

    Tip 2 - Usage

    1. If GPS the receiver is chosen (if is not present, see #3 in section "First start") go to [Options]-> [GPS]-> [To connect] now the application SmartComGPS works in a gps mode and is capable to display your location on a gps map
    2. TO find a needed map in section GPS maps OGF2 for Symbian phone and copy it on phone's SD-card for using in SCGPS.

    Tip 3 - purchase SmartComGPS today and receive 1(one) gps map

    Having paid once you receive the license for SmartComGPS or SmartComNavigator, the given license it will be valid for all future updates of program SmartComGPS (SCNavigator) and the qualified technical support.

    Few things that SmartComGPS can

    - Unlimited size of maps and there is unlimited free memory
    - Auto rotate map (always heading northward)
    - Sound and visual tips in follow mode
    - Map calibration tool (in SmartComGPS only)
    - Sending location information to others via SMS (once or periodically)