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OziExplorer is a popular GPS mapping software for Windows and handheld devices running Pocket-PC and Windwod Mobile. OziExplorer is mostly used by travelers as it is perfect for planning trips for four-wheel driving, hiking, flying, geocaching, boating, etc., and as it has a real time navigation aid. OzieExplorer helps you by creating custom maps of a remote location a major map provider does not cover. OziExplorer supports routes and track, way points uploading and downloading and editing to most GPS devices. OziExplorer allows you creating your own maps as well as supporting for Google Earth, Google Maps, Virtual Earth, etc.

Oziexplorer interactive software

OziExplorer is interactive software, which allows you to work with digital maps directly on your computer screen. You can create routes and tracks you plan for your trip as well as create maps and way points and upload them to your GPS, and then OziExplorer will plot your GPS position on the moving map (a map that provides real time tracking).


The systems OziExplorer requires are a PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP, Win7 and Win8; Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers to upload and download; any GPSr which end product is NMEA 0183 sentences for real time tracking (moving map); and maps of your exacting area. (You can purchase the maps in a digital form or scan and calibrate them yourself from paper charts). You may use nearly any map, which can be created by the OziExplorer.


OziExplorer features include moving map navigation using any GPS that provides NMEA output in one of the supported sentences, 3D perspective view modes, creating waypoint at existing position, map zoom in various levels, on screen display of speed and bearing, satellite view, and many more.

Available versions

There are two versions of Oziexplorer: the PC version and the PDA version or known as Oziexplorer-CE. The PDA version cannot be used for automatic route planning; it means you cannot request a way to get from one point to another. OziExplorerCE only allows you to create and navigate your own routes on the map. However, you can plan your routes with PC gps mapping software Oziexplorer and then transfer the waypoints and other related data to your PDA and use them with OziExplorerCE.

Ozi-CE supports PDA and handheld devices running PocketPC, Windows-Mobile, Windows-CE OS.

Oziexplorer Android works on any tablet and smartphone on Android 2.0 or above.