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!) Bonus for users who buy 3 or more maps:
World Blank Map set (8 maps) including Europe, Asia, Africa, North/South America, Australia, World index UTM zones see screensnaps of that set

Prices for Ozf2 maps (Oziexplorer,MapViewGPS) - $ 9 USD each map
Prices for Ogf2 maps (SmartcomGPS,SmartcomNavigator) - $ 6 USD each map

map index info GS-1,GT-2,PT-3,NW,NE,SW,SE at the end of a map name

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  Finland_GT-2   Helsinki   Belgium-Luxemburg
  Brussels   France   Paris
  French_Riviera   Ireland   England
  England_GS-1_GS-2   England_GS-3_GS-4   London
  Sweden   Stockholm   Denmark
  Copenhagen   Italy   Rome
  Florence   Venice   Malta
  Valletta   Germany   Berlin
  Munich   Spain   Canary_Islands
  Costa_Brava   Mallorca   Menorca
  Ibiza   Madrid   Barselona
  Portugal   Netherlands   Amsterdam
  Austria   Greece   Greece_2km_North
  Greece_2km_South   Crete   Cyprus
  Paphos   Israel   Jerusalem
  Tel-Aviv   Egypt   Tunis-downtown
  Tunisia   Switzerland   Bern
  Thailand   Phuket   Bangkok
  Patong   Pattaya   Ukraine
  Crimea   Kyiv   Kyiv_Region
  Dnepropetrovsk   Dnepropetrovsk_Region   Odessa
  Nikolaev   Nikolaev_Region   Kharkov
  Kharkov_Region   Kriviy_Rig   Simpheropol
  Sevastopol   Yalta   Feodosia
  Evpatoria   Eesti   Latvija
  Lietuva   Hungary   Hong_Kong
  Shanghai   Singapore_isl   Singapore
  Hawaiian_Islands   Hawaii_isl   Kauai_isl
  Maui_isl   Oahu_isl   Maldives_Male_isl
  Maldives_Male_atol-partly   Maldives_Gan_isl   Maldives_Fihalhohi_isl
  Maldives_Lhaviyani_atol-partly   Maldives_Kuredu_isl   Maldives_Kanuhuraa_isl
  Taiwan   United_Arab_Emirates   Abu_Dhabi
  Czech   Qatar_Bahrain   Slovakia
  Slovenia   Poland_North   Poland_South

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